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Thursday, December 1, 2016

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Lesson 1: Magicblocks.io - Introduction

Unleash the power of magic for the Internet of Things

The Internet of things is nothing new. It is an evolutionary next step in the machine to machine communication paradigm. With an ever increasing number of 'things' at our disposal the need for connected 'things' has grown rapidly. However with increasing options comes added complexity which introduces steep learning curves and more importantly more confusion. What devices should I use? What cloud platform will best server my interest? I am new to IoT where should I start? Those are the question that would linger in any one who would dare to wonder in to the internet of Things. We, at magicblocks.io have put some magic to work to make the life of both the newcomer and the professional one step easier.

What is magicblocks.io ?

magicblocks.io is a launchpad for learning and prototyping your internet of things. It consists of 
  • Hardware suite made up of
    • Development boards
    • Prototyping kits for sensors & actuators
  • Cloud platform made up of
    • Drag and drop editor to easily cook up your solutions
    • Dashboards to visualize your data
    • Data storage
    • API services
Everything has been designed to make the learning curve as shallow as possible for the newcomer and as flexible as possible for the advanced user. 

Magicblocks Hardware

IoT Kits

The IoT product range is made up of 

  • WiFi, GSM connected controller modules 
  • IoT accessory modules
  • Sensor kits
IoT kits are the latest addition to the magicblocks family designed to be integrated with the magicblocks.io cloud platform. The controller modules come with firmware that start communicating with the cloud immediately after power up. You can easily build your own firmware from the cloud with the 'Code Builder' and download to the controller device with several clicks.

Multi architecture development boards

Our multi architecture development board is a hardcore learning material where the user can experiment an array of different peripherals. The objective is to expand the horizons of the user with regards to electronics and embedded systems.
  • Motherboard with a large set of peripherals and I/O ports 
  • Atmel (Arduino compatible), Microchip based microcontroller plugin cards to learn embedded system development 
  • Communication daughter cards and shields (WiFi, GSM) to learn network communications and how to interact with the cloud
Robotics development kits
  • Differential Drive Robot
    • Supports both MagicBlocks & Arduino
    • Can perform line following, obstacle detection, Maze solving & etc.
  • Advanced Development Platform
    • Baseboard comprised of robotic specific peripherals such as high current motor drivers
    • Supports both Atmel & Microchip microcontrollers
    • Can be programmed via both Magicblocks & Arduino IDE

Magicblocks Cloud Platform

  • Visually connect anything and everything on Magicblocks playground
  • Write simple logic in javascript on the playground
  • Connect to cloud APIs for advanced functionality. Eg: Image processing, Stream analytics
  • Visualize data on fully customizable dashboards
From this blog we hope to introduce you to Magicblocks IDE and application development using it. Stay tuned with us for more exiting news.