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Friday, December 2, 2016

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Lesson 13: Playground-Debug Block


Debug block in a another frequently used node in magicblocks. As name implies it is very useful for debugging and viewing data as similar to the serial terminal or arduino. Data can be viewed on debug window. There can be any number of debug blocks on the playground and each block can be turned on or off as shown in the figure.

Debug Window

Debug window is a one tab of the side bar. It can be opened as shown in above figures.
Default settings works well in most cases.

Example 1

This example shows timestamp in every 1 seconds on debug window

Example 2

This example shows reading analog data in every 1 seconds and display on debug window

Example 3


This example shows data from the MagicShield or mobile phone, display on the debug window. Refer the MagicShield here on more information about connecting your Arduino to the cloud.