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Thursday, December 1, 2016

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Lesson 3: Magicblocks.io - Adding a device

Device Manager is the interface where you add and/or manage your IoT devices. These IoT devices can be any device IoT Kits by Magicblocks, NodeMCU or any other ESP8266 based hardware, any Arduino devices, Android devices, Raspberry Pi or any other hardware which can be connect through standard communication protocols.

Step 1

Click on 'Add Device' button.
Enter the following details of you device:

  • Device Id - any alphanumeric value. Device Id has to be unique. You cannot have two devices with same Id on your account. You can click on the adjacent refresh icon  to auto generate a device Id. A prefix will be added to your device id automatically upon saving the device. More on this later.
  • Device Key - this can be any alphanumeric value. Ensure that the complexity of the device key is sufficient. You can click the adjacent refresh button to auto generate a device key.
  • Name - Can be any alphanumeric name for your use.
  • Description - device description for your use.
  • Status - Select the status to 'Active'

After completing the details click on 'Save changes' to add your device. You will get a prompt with the confirmation. Congratulations your device is now saved!